A perfect hot cross bun for Easter 2016

Perfect hot cross buns for The Little Big Markets 2016
Coming up with a great hot cross bun recipe this Easter was not as easy as I had expected - but totally worth it in the end. I pulled out a few of my favourite recipe books and started investigating - what was the ratio of fruit to dough, how much liquid was there, what were the most interesting flavours being used, how hot do you bake them and for how long?

Hot cross bun recipe testing

So, I made myself a testing table and came up with my version of a dough I thought pulled the best bits from each recipe and gave it a go (or several goes actually)….disaster, well not quite, but certainly not the Pure Bites standard I would be happy to put out. Back to the drawing board.

Perfecting the recipe for light hot cross buns

Why were these recipes all making such heavy, dense doughs? I began to realise as I compared them to the breads I already make. The hot cross bun recipes were written for the home baker who wants to make and eat in a relatively short space of time and who does not have specialised baking equipment. So as I applied the principles and techniques of my artisan bread recipes to my favourite combination of fruit and spices I found success. A hot cross bun that's completely natural but still light and fluffy and with tons of flavour.
Perfect hot cross bun recipe
These Hot Cross Buns have been selling out everyday so now you can order your hot cross buns online for Easter delivery or collection from The Little Big Markets. You can also buy instore this week at The Local cafe and Crema Coffee. Hope you enjoy these special treats on this special weekend.


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