About Pure Bites

Nichola Jacobsen founder of Pure Bites

After training in Business Studies, I worked in marketing for three years when I decided to give it up and pursue a dream of cookery. I left my job, became a student again and after 13 years of cooking professionally, have never looked back.

I am fortunate to have worked in fine dining restaurants for some of New Zealand's best award-winning chefs and in a Michelin starred restaurant in the UK. What began as intensive training in refined cookery developed into a love for the precise, technical skill required in fine pastry and bakery work. I love to cook food that requires time and care with clean, robust flavours.

Fine dining pedigree applied to hand crafted products

Everything that we make at Pure Bites is hand crafted from raw, natural ingredients using recipes that I've refined and perfected.  Using skills and techniques learned from the exacting standards of fine dining environments we create special food that you will love.

You should not have to compromise on interesting and flavoursome food when you choose natural.

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